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CI Infotech helps you focus on your emerging IT issues by increasing efficiency & enhancing service levels.

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The Enterprise solutions division at CI is envisaged to help you focus on fundamental as well as emerging IT issues as you develop and execute plans to respond to stakeholder expectations. Our services are based on insights into how leading organizations prioritize their efforts to ensure that IT investments provide maximum security and risk management in the most cost effective manner.

Our team consists of dedicated customer focused consultants who can help you build your business solutions efficiently and effectively. We offer tailor made solutions for all your enterprise IT needs.

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Our Enterprise Solutions include


Through our expert IT assessment system, we measure organisation’s critical IT function and identify its strengths and weaknesses so as to invest in the right areas. Our IT analysis and assessment is an expansive area that includes everything from Data storage, server infrastructure, cloud services, disaster recovery, network security, and a lot more.


CI Infotech team assists organisations to achieve, manage and sustain business success through strategic, process oriented, and functional transformation. Our highly skilled and knowledgable team will help you enhance performance, increase efficiency, improve resilience, and reduce cost through our consultaion services.

Project Management

CI Infotech has been instrumental in providing businesses with operational efficiency and enhanced performance through its intellectually crafted project management solutions. We try to bridge the gap between the client's expectations & the IT world by creating and sustaining efficient management system for the organisation.

Faculty Management Services

With our facility management services, CI Infotech offers a practical assistance to organisations who require additional help with their larger projects. We help you gain more control on your day-to-day business activities and ensure smooth, timely and successful project completion. We help you enhance your ROI and reduce cost of IT support.

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