Digital Transformation:

The world is evolving and so are the businesses, thus, leading to the fourth industrial revolution, that is Digital Transformation. Digital transformation marks a radical rethinking of how an organization uses technology, people and processes to fundamentally change business performance.

Thus, CI Infotech decided to partner with EdgeVerve Systems, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys, develops innovative software products and offers them on premise or as cloud-hosted business platforms. Its products help businesses develop deeper connections with stakeholders, power continuous innovation and accelerate growth in the digital world empowering the clients’ growth in rapidly evolving areas like banking, distributive trade, credit servicing, customer service and enterprise buying. Today, global corporations across financial services, insurance, retail and CPG, life sciences, manufacturing, and telecommunications are using EdgeVerve products.

We support digital initiatives for building an intelligent enterprise through a wide range of capabilities.

  • Discover automation opportunities rapidly, accurately and non-intrusively
  • Automate business processes using unattended/ attended/cognitive bots; Manage and scale these bots
  • Deliver end to end AI programs using Data, Knowledge and ML platforms
  • Automate data science workflow using ML algorithms
  • Solve typical business problems through AI powered plug & play applications

Our Product Portfolio Services any Automation or AI need of an Enterprise