The customer is one of the top automobile/engineering organization with presence all over India & abroad. They were running customized ERP application with MS SQL as database and feeding almost 40 branch offices across.

The Requirement

Customer was facing problem in terms of performance (using homegrown ERP which is CPU & memory intensive) & resource bottleneck in terms of CPU speed/memory & storage space as his data was pilling up and grown drastically in last couple of years.

The Solution

Considering the above requirement, we recommended true 64 bit HP integrity servers in clustering using MS Windows enterprise along with SAN storage system HP EVA 4400 and backup drive HP MSL 6030 tape library with two LTO drives. The servers & storage was connected using redundant FC SAN switches in no single point of failure configuration.

Solution benefits

  • 64 bit architecture ensures maximum scalability with in the box
  • EPIC technology based HP Itanium server gives performance boost (report which used to take 16-20 hrs on earlier Xeon servers reduced to 4 hrs.)
  • MS SQL clustering ensures high availability of database
  • Proposed backup solution used Fiber channel path (LAN free) for data movement which resulted in reduced back up window
  • Unique virtual RAID features of HP EVA SAN storage resulted in optimized storage performance