This client is the leading power and home electrical specialist in India having a vast portfolio comprising of Power back up solutions such as UPS, Batteries and Solar Applications to Electrical offerings such as Fans, Wires, Switches and LED lighting.


The Requirement

The Customer wanted reduction in cost of connectivity. They also wanted fully secure connection between different locations along with a solution which brings together SD-WAN with WLAN, LAN, and security under a single, software-defined framework for policy and segmentation.

The main focus of the client was to build an environment which could simplify IT operations with the help of network.



The Solution

Considering the above requirement, we proposed a few solutions to the client. Out of which, the customer ordered the following as a part of the solution from us :


  • Aruba Headend Gateway- 2 Nos. in HA (SD - BRANCH) – Aruba 7210 controller in HO
  • Aruba Branch Gateway for 18 Nos. Ware Houses- 18 Nos. (SD - BRANCH) – Aruba 7008 controller in branch locations
  • Aruba Central Cloud Based Solution for Warehouse IAPs and Switches (SD - BRANCH) – Aruba Central device management 1 Token 3 yr. subscription
  • Aruba Wifi APs for 18 No. Ware Houses- 144 Nos. (Access Points) – each location 8 nos. AP
  • Aruba 8 Port PoE+ Switches for 18 No. of Ware Houses- 18 Nos (Switches)
  • Existing CPPM- Onboard Module for BYOD- 500 Users (SECURITY)
  • Complete solution with 3 yr. 24X7 support


The reason why the customer bought ARUBA was very simple and clear. Since customer was  already using HPE products on server , storage and DC critical services for last 5 yrs. and on networking they were using Cisco & Ruckus but HPE was not having such robust, versatile and innovative solutions which got added to HPE portfolio after acquisition of Aruba which provided complete solution to customer and helped in simplify IT operations.




We are working with this customer for more than 6 years with below mandate:

  • Committed to provide customer satisfaction by measuring customer perception (which is a part of our quality policy)
  • Acting as consultant partner rather than focusing only on transactions
  • Always stood by customer during its tough time 24X7
  • Helped them in rolling out new technologies with ease
  • Help them in achieving good ROI with respect to any project we envisaged with them