The customer is second-largest E&P Company in India both in terms of oil production and oil and gas reserve holdings with branch offices spread across wide geographical area.

They wanted to have a geographical data analysis for exploring oil possibilities. The amount of data to analyze was 8 TB to start with and it could be scalable to 40 TB within the next two years. The data was required to be made available in all operations, 24x7. Also, the access of the same needed to be controlled and monitered. Another requirement was backup, without impacting the performance of application.

DGM IT, was very clear that he wants nothing but best and future proof solution for the organization which can serve them in most demanding time and scale as required.

The Challenges

The Client wanted a very controlled and monitored working environment as their staff used to work in same building which required lying of cables and infrastructure without affecting current work. Also, the site was on 3rd floor and bringing in the material and man power was a tedious task. Above all, the working hours were limited, from 8AM-10 PM only

The data used to come in tapes thus making it difficult to store it in user system. The management and proving access to required users was another area of concern. The area was required to be provisioned with automatic fire detection and extinguishing system which should work without any human intervention.

The Solution

Considering the above requirement, a data center solution was conceived with HP servers and Red Hat Enterprise Linux as operating system along with HP Enterprise virtual array (EVA) and redundant SAN switches. Enterprise Fiber channels HDDs were used in EVA for maximum disk I/O performance and redundancy. Storage infrastructure with servers was designed with NSPoF (No-Single-Point-of-Failure). For file sharing requirement, 2x HP DL 380 G5 Enterprise File Servers were configured in a cluster for availability and linear scalability in performance as the requirement grows. HP MSL 6060 Tape Library with 2xLTO drives and FC connectivity were used for data backup.

The servers, storage along with file server and tape library were placed in controlled area. This area was made equipped with precision air conditioners configured in redundant mode (N+1). This resulted in controlled temperature and humidity. The area was fitted with FM200 colorless gas system for fire control. An access control system was provisioned to ensure secured access. CCTV cameras were installed in all critical areas for monitoring and recording of any activity. UPS from Emerson were installed in redundant mode for redundant power sources. All critical systems were feed power from each for redundant power input. Helpdesk for IT and NON-IT were setup and provided for smooth operations with incident recording and providing various reports.

This resulted in a rigid and flexible solution in place. The clients IT team was very happy with the our solution.

“We are very happy and satisfied with outcome and professional approach of CI Infotech team in delivering the project timely and within budget.”

Solution Benefits

  • High-availability and Uninterrupted services
  • Drastic improvement in data retrieval & save
  • Highly scalable
  • Reduction in backup window
  • Fail proof file serving with linier increase in performance by increasing the number of cluster nodes
  • Future proof solution
  • Peace of mind