A great career awaits you in the cutting-edge technology workspace at CI Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

  • At CI Infotech Pvt. Ltd., we don't treat academia as a delimiting factor for eliminating competition. We appreciate and value your degrees, but what matters most is your "Knowledge." We understand that "literacy" is not "education." Education is learning and knowing, and if you are sure you can perform, we're sure we can give your talent and spirits a stimulating platform on which to grow with us.
  • At CI Infotech Pvt. Ltd., you will experience a converging pool of talent. We don't believe man-made boundaries can contain our global spirit. You will work with people from all walks of life, different countries, different cultures, different languages but one universal motto of professionalism. If you consider yourself as a citizen of planet "Earth" and quality, knowledge and a hunger for excellence is your goal, then you are one of us.
  • Best of all, we understand that if you are one of us, you should be as prosperous as any one of us. Profit-sharing is NEVER an issue. A value proposition for CI Infotech Pvt. Ltd. is a reward to you from yourself.

Job Opening

  • Sr. Technical Engineer-(Server Eng., PSE Certified)New Delhi
  • IT H/W Sales Manager-New Delhi/NCR & Dehradun
  • HP Service Sales Manager – New Delhi/NCR

Please Contact - hr@ciinfotech.net for these openings.

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